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An Interesting Redpoll at Stanford Reservoir

I spent this morning with the Stanford Ringing Group, which is currently enjoying a record year, having ringed more than 5000 birds since January! Ringing totals for most (not all) species have exceeded those of previous years making Stanford one … Continue reading

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Twite delights!

Pitsford causeway provided the stage for a brief, early afternoon performance by a species not seen in Northants since October 2000! Twite – that unassuming upland counterpart of our more familiar Linnet, more uniformly coloured, less white in the wing, … Continue reading

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Spoonbill at Stanford Reservoir

Although there have now been two this year, Spoonbill is a near annual visitor to Northants, with records this century in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and one pending, the 27th County record, for 2010. It usually appears singly but … Continue reading

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Grey Phalarope at Daventry CP

I managed to catch up with the Grey Phalarope at Daventry Country Park this evening, although it was along the western shoreline and therefore showing distantly from the dam. Low light conditions, coupled with too long a range, ensured digiscoping was not an option … Continue reading

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Flava of the month: postscript

Martin Garner kindly commented as follows: The issue of Blue-headed Wagtail in non adult male plumage is always tricky. I’ve had a go a number of times and I suppose if a bird shows very white supercilium and throat with … Continue reading

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Northern and Greenland Wheatears

There has always been some debate as to whether Northern Wheatears of the nominate race oenanthe and the Greenland race leucorhoa are separable in the field. As there is some overlap in identification criteria of both, ‘showing characteristics of’ has … Continue reading

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