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A very popular raptor

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Kestrel does Qualcast

Kestrels. Frequently seen hovering above motorway verges and over open countryside, their behaviour normally associated with the search for mammalian prey. Kestrels’ diets are not restricted entirely to mammals, though, and as well as small birds, they frequently feed on … Continue reading

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Stepping up to the mark?

An interesting Buteo at Fineshade The amazing variability in the plumage of Common Buzzards of two widespread races – ‘our’ local buteo and eastern vulpinus (Steppe Buzzard) – is well known, with some examples of both being almost impossible to … Continue reading

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The Stanford Hen Harrier

Hen Harrier with ‘Northern’ trait First seen by Ian Bartlett on 13th November, this juvenile male Hen Harrier is as much stunningly well-marked as it is difficult to catch up with. It was next observed on 17th and has since … Continue reading

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All you ever wanted to know about Raptors …

Jennifer Anderson will shortly be running a course  on Raptors in the library at Higham Ferrers. The course consists of six modules and covers the Conservation, Ecology, Biology and  Anatomy, life cycles, endangered species and the history of mans association with birds … Continue reading

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Marsh Harrier

When I saw my first Marsh Harriers at Minsmere in the early 70s I felt privileged. They were one of the rarest breeding species in Britain and records in Northamptonshire averaged one per year. Thankfully their numbers have increased, and … Continue reading

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Peregrine Survey

This spring the BTO is organising a nationwide Peregrine survey to record the number of occupied territories in the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Details are on the BTO website here and they will be working closely with established … Continue reading

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