Arguably the most exciting birding destination in the Western Palearctic

      Why you should go

      When you should go

      Where you should visit

All the answers and more …

                                                                             Birding Israel explores this small, Middle Eastern country’s dramatic habitat diversity and its influence on the distribution of many birds, along with the importance of its geographical position as a key migration flyway for some of the world’s most vulnerable species. The talk includes an overview of the key birding sites, providing an insight into the birds which are likely to be encountered during autumn, winter and spring and highlights recent regional conservation initiatives for migrants, wintering and breeding birds.

Birding Israel Venues 2018

1st February  Oxford RSPB Group                                                                                                                                 15th February  Mid-Nene RSPB Group                                                                                                                       19th February  Cheltenham Bird Club                                                                                                                           26th February  London Bird Club                                                                                                                                      16th April  Vale of White Horse RSPB Group                                                                                                  10th September Burbage Bird Club                                                                                                                              3rd October  Berkshire Ornithological Club


Northamptonshire’s avifauna is in a constant state of flux. Birding Northamptonshire examines the following:

      Top birding locations

      Migration, breeding & winter                     visitors

      History & local population trends

Birding Northamptonshire Venues 2018

15th January  Wildlife BCN, Towcester                                                                                                                  21st February  King’s Arms, Farthingstone


Birding Optics title image

Are leading edge optics really the best value? Find out more 

      Top testing tips

      The decision-making process

      Pitfalls and the things to avoid

Budget bins to top tier scopes …

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