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                                                              Birding Israel explores this small, Middle Eastern country’s dramatic habitat diversity and its influence on the distribution of many birds, along with the importance of its geographical position as a key migration flyway for some of the world’s most vulnerable species. The talk includes an overview of the key birding sites, providing an insight into the birds which are likely to be encountered during autumn, winter and spring and highlights recent regional conservation initiatives for migrants, wintering and breeding birds.


      Top birding locations

     Migration, breeding & winter visitors

      History & local population trends


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A Neotropical paradise – birds from the Amazon to the Andes

2 thoughts on “Talks

  1. 95% positive ID of a female Merlin in our eucalyptus tree today. My son came rushing through to me to say there was a sparrowhawk in the tree. I thought it looked too small for a sparrowhawk and then I remember reading that a Merlin had been spotted recently so grabbed the Collins. The curved markings around the eye and the small size makes me reasonably sure it was a female Merlin.

    I’ve seen sparrowhawks many times and this one wasn’t one.

    In the garden in Barnwell, south of Oundle c.2:50 pm for about 90 seconds.

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