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First-winter Pied Flycatcher

First-winter, in July and present for just one day. A local scarcity with only one or two records per year. Thanks to this excellent set of images by Steve Brayshaw we can confidently age last weekend’s Denton Wood Pied Flycatcher … Continue reading

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Leucistic juvenile Starling revisited

More from Phil Jackman on the ‘leucistic’ juvenile Starling in his Kettering garden.  It – or one like it – is back, this time having moulted much more of its juvenile plumage during the intervening three weeks and, as suggested … Continue reading

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Juvenile Garganey

Thought I’d post some video of the Summer Leys Garganey. Never a lame duck but not one which stands out to anything like the extent of a fine spring drake and this juvenile has a not particularly well-marked face pattern … Continue reading

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White Stuff

Albino House Sparrow – or at least a white one, anyway. It appears not to have pink eyes but this juvenile is from a small colony at Easton on the Hill. Comparatively rare but not without precedent. Many thanks to … Continue reading

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The Week in Focus: 19th to 25th July 2014

With high pressure sitting over the country for much of the week the warm spell continued as further signs of autumn became evident. The two Ruddy Shelducks continued to be reported from Pitsford Res until the week’s end, while a … Continue reading

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The Week in Focus: 12th to 18th July 2014

A predominantly dry week with temperatures starting to build to the high twenties in the latter part in advance of wet weather systems crossing the channel from the near continent. One of last week’s ‘Cackling’ Geese (or a hybrid) – … Continue reading

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Which Cackler?

Prompted by the last post on the subject, Minimal Interest, Joan Chaplin sent me these images of a Cackling Goose at Foxholes Fisheries, Crick from 23rd April 2012. This bird arrived with visiting Canada Geese and was subsequently thought to … Continue reading

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