Checklist & Recording

To make it easy for local birders to submit records and keep their county lists up-to-date, this page offers four downloadable documents. Submission details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Checklist (PDF)
Checklist of the Birds of Northamptonshire v.2020.1 is a basic, 8-page PDF file, which covers all 324 species officially recorded in Northamptonshire up to 31st December 2019. The checklist follows the systematic order, nomenclature and taxonomy of the IOC World Bird List. Both species and subspecies are denoted by letters indicating when a description is required to accompany records submitted to the annual Northamptonshire Bird Report Records Committee. This list is viewable online before opting to download it.

Checklist (Excel)
Checklist of the Birds of Northamptonshire (Excel) v.2020.1.1 is a simple Excel file, which takes the same format as the PDF file, minus the description requirement annotations. It is designed for a variety of uses, e.g. lifelist, yearlist, daylist, locality list, etc.
This list is not viewable online and can be used only after downloading.

Recording sheet
Fully updated to include both the IOC British List and an additional new tab outlining all local recording requirements, plus red and amber list species, the Northamptonshire Bird Recording Spreadsheet v.2020.1.1 is an Excel file which allows easy data input prior to periodic submission. Based on the use of pre-formatted cells, instructions on its completion are part of the package. This sheet is not viewable online and can be used only after downloading.

Description form
Description form v.2020.2 is a slightly modified version of the one currently available and in use for record submission of all species requiring a description. Completion is self-explanatory. This form is not viewable online and can be used only after downloading.

The above checklists and recording requirements tab are based upon the list published in the 2018 Northamptonshire Bird Report and originally compiled by Bob Bullock.

Both the Recording sheet and Description form can be submitted via email to the County Recorder, Jonathan Cook and they will be passed to the Northamptonshire Bird Report Committee for processing and will ultimately form part of the local ornithological records archive.