I’d been running the Northamptonshire Bird News webpage for almost ten years and the time had come for a change. The news page, while being purely functional, was rather limited in content and restricted in terms of what it delivered. This new, blog-based site, launched in May 2011, sets out to provide more detail behind the occurrences of birds locally, while at the same time providing the opportunity for discussion of the wider issues of status, conservation, identification and other related topics. Within this context I will also be indulging my passion for birding optics and offering comment on some of the product I regularly review in detail for Birdwatch magazine.

I like clean starts so I’ve backdated the news and comment to 1st May, even though this site went live on 6th May. Anyone is welcome to contribute news, records and items for discussion as well as photographs if, and when, these may be relevant.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to the many contributors who have kindly shared news and records of birds seen locally over the past ten years. Without your input the site would have no doubt faded into obsolescence before ever evolving into this new, upgraded format.

So, welcome to the new Northants Birds … and watch this space!

Mike Alibone  6th May 2011

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  1. Mandy Smith says:

    Like the new website, Mike. It looks really good. The heritage centre project I’m involved with has a website too: http://www.northamptonshireheritagecentre.org. The centre will be built next to the river a little downstream from Billing Mill. We’re planning to make part of the site into a conservation area, if we EVER get the funding!

    • Mike Alibone says:

      Mandy, Thanks for your kind comments. Good luck with the project. I would be interested to hear about the conservation area when it’s up and running. All the best, Mike.

  2. Neil Hasdell says:

    Congratulations on the smart new design Mike and thanks for all your hard work over the last ten years. Good luck for the next ten.


  3. Bob Bullock says:

    Well done Mike.

    Is there a mechanism for sending photos of Northants Birds?


  4. Hi Mike, many many congratulations on your new site!
    A terrific resource for all the lucky birders in Northants…such a shame I’m not with you now. Best wishes as always, Richard.

  5. thomas hedge says:

    superb new site mike ! look forward to sharing sightings with you ! 🙂

  6. Geof Douglas says:

    Well done Mike. Love the new look and hope to be feeding you raries in the near future. Regards, Geof

  7. Chris Ingram says:

    I still like to keep in touch even though I left the County over 40 years ago and think the new site is great. Still birding in Co. Donegal though.

    • Mike Alibone says:

      Chris, great to hear from you. Didn’t realise you’d crossed the Irish Sea! Let me know next time you’re back in the County – I’d like to catchup.

  8. ALAN COLES says:

    Great new site Mike, well done. I saw the superb Slavonian Grebe at 6.15 on sunday evening in brilliant sunshine at about 15 metres – well done Robin and Wendy a fantastic find.

  9. Mark WIlson says:

    Only just visited since you changed the site Mike – looks very good! Although no longer a county resident, I am still around a few days a month for work. Gutted I missed the Black Stork – I was in Scotland.

    • Mike Alibone says:

      Thanks, Mark. Good to hear from you. Understand you live in Norfolk now? I was gutted about the Black Stork for a different reason, i.e. people caught up with it 🙂

      • Mark WIlson says:

        Yes MIke, we moved over in the new year. Not had much time to make the most of the birding yet but plenty of time. We live in Swanton Novers (near the raptor watchpoint), although still not got Honey Buzzard on the new garden list 😉
        Hope to see you around in Northants or give me a shout if you head over this way.

      • Mike Alibone says:

        Cheers, Mark.

        Will do.


  10. Peter Smith says:

    Marvellous site. I was able to locate the Cattle Egret near Summer Leys thanks to the tip off on your site. Although I saw many when I lived in Southern Africa it was lovely to see one here in England. I shall be following Northants Birds avidly!


  11. waxwings in Corby northants

  12. jeffollerton says:

    Hi Mike – here’s a little Northampton bird-related true story for Christmas:


    Have a great holiday and prosperous New Year!

    All the best,


  13. Tabatha says:

    I obtain really agitated with so several junk food article filling up the search
    engine result – thanks for writing for your readers instead of search engines

  14. Peter Warden says:

    I also saw possible Common Crane high over Towcester in the morning of the 9th April. Possible further siting at lower level in the afternoon.

  15. Jon Cook says:

    Hi Mike, just wanted to say great job with the northantsbirds website: lively and diverse content, well presented and accessible, really informative.

  16. Ian Hobday says:

    Little Egret 23 birds at Towcester A43 by Dissused railway line between A5 and McDonald’s roundabout. Also 2 more birds at water run off pool beside A43, between Wittlebury turn and Silverstone village at 1330 hrs 4/4/18.

  17. davidpallash says:

    Hi there Mike, visiting my folks in Barnwell today and a quick walk out of the village produced a northern Wheatear and two Yellow Wagtails, including one blue-headed. Two new ticks for the local patch. Thought I’d share.

    All the best, David

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