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Starling murmurations

A number of people have been in touch to ask about the best place to see Starling murmurations in Northamptonshire. At present there appears to be only two sites – Titchmarsh LNR at Thrapston Gravel Pits, where one is currently … Continue reading

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Leucistic juvenile Starling revisited

More from Phil Jackman on the ‘leucistic’ juvenile Starling in his Kettering garden.  It – or one like it – is back, this time having moulted much more of its juvenile plumage during the intervening three weeks and, as suggested … Continue reading

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Leucistic juvenile Starling

Phil Jackman forwarded these images of a leucistic juvenile Starling present in his Kettering garden this weekend. While generally uncommon, leucism (really a lower concentration of melanin) in juvenile Starlings has been recorded on numerous occasions and invites confusion with … Continue reading

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