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A gull which doesn’t quite fit the bill

A closer look at the Ravensthorpe ‘Caspian’ Gull Generally regarded as a Caspian Gull, this second-calendar year (first-summer) bird has been visiting Ravensthorpe Reservoir since early August. From the initial images obtained by Gary Pullan, it looked marvelously ‘snouty’ and long-legged … Continue reading

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Putative Azorean Gull at Stanwick

There are two accepted British records of Azorean Gull, the atlantis race of Yellow-legged Gull, based upon two individuals, one of which was a well-travelled bird that visited Northamptonshire in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Is this another, or the same … Continue reading

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Wednesday 13th September. In the wake of Storm Aileen it was difficult to believe no displaced seabirds would have occurred in Northants. On cue, then, a juvenile Sabine’s Gull arrived at Daventry Country Park at 16.30 and was picked up … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Gull – a new breeding species for Northants

A new species is added to the list of birds breeding in Northamptonshire as Mediterranean Gulls nest for the first time at Stanwick Gravel Pits Mediterranean Gulls have been appearing with increasing frequency among Black-headed Gulls breeding in the Nene … Continue reading

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Behind DIRFT 3

Where Birding meets Logistics If you have a sense of adventure, a pioneering spirit and you are willing to risk being hit by an HGV, while getting covered in mud, then read on … The busy A5, just north of … Continue reading

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A particularly tricky white-winged gull: revisited

Revisited, reassessed and … right first time! After convincing myself to go against my gut feel and better judgement, it would appear I was wrong in my post-observation photo-based identification assessment of the white-winged 4th winter gull at Rushton last … Continue reading

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A particularly tricky white-winged gull

This morning I paid my usual weekly visit to Rushton Landfill. In recent weeks it has been pulling in up to 4,000 gulls, including several Caspians, and the chances of finding either Glaucous or Iceland has been on the cards … Continue reading

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