A new County Recorder for Northamptonshire

A post vacant for more than three years is at last filled!

Having been without since 31st March 2017, Northamptonshire now has a new County Recorder. Stepping into the breach and already well known to many local birders, Jonathan Cook will take on this important role with immediate effect. This is, of course, great news and Jonathan will be warmly welcomed by local and national bodies alike. Jon is, to use his own words, ‘raring to go’ …

Jon’s reference to his interest in photography and his practical skills in this area are depicted in some of his recently produced images below.

Barn Owl, Brixworth, 1st March 2020
Black-throated Thrush, Whipsnade, 3rd January 2020
Glaucous Gull, Skye, 20th January 2020
Rook, Hollowell, 18th April 2020

Currently working in retail, Jon has a degree in Environmental Studies, the course content of which included ecology, environmental impact and protection as well as other elements of relevance useful to the role. “I’d suggest that to protect our bird life it is more and more important to have robust and comprehensive reporting, so feels like the role can make a difference,” says Jon.

Jonathan is under no illusions with regard to what the job entails and is keen to make an impact, bringing structure and order to the way we record birds locally. We wish him well in his future endeavours.

Contact Jon at: joncooknorthantsbirds@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @jcbirder

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