Northamptonshire Bird Report


Northamptonshire County Bird Report 2021

Essential reading for all Northamptonshire birders.

Contents in this year’s edition include:

  • Overview of the year
  • Systematic List of records for 2021
  • Hybrids and Escapes and Ferals
  • The Baltic Gull at DIRFT 3
  • County Recorder’s Report
  • Northants Ringing Report
  • Northamptonshire birds checklist
  • Summer/Winter Arrivals & Departures
  • Northants Barn Owl Project
  • County Map with main birding sites
  • List of observers and contributors

Copies and back issues from:

R W Bullock, 81 Cavendish Drive, Northampton NN3 3HL Price £8.00 (or £10.00 including postage).

Cheques payable to ‘Northamptonshire Bird Report’ or contact for further details.

Back issues to the ‘early seventies’

10 thoughts on “Northamptonshire Bird Report

  1. Storton Pits 25th October 3 Red necked grebes, 2 Garden Warblers plus a female peregrine falcon on the Northampton Lift Tower.

    1. Thanks, John. You have potentially broken two records here: there have, to my knowledge, never been more than two Red-necked Grebes at any one locality at the same time in Northants (even more than one is exceptional) and the latest ever recorded Garden Warbler was on 16th October 1976. Where exactly were these birds, please?

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