Wood Warbler

Publishing this rather nice photo by Bob Bullock of the singing male Wood Warbler, present for its third day today at South Wood near Corby, seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up. Wood Warbler is a scarce spring passage migrant in Northants with between two and four records annually. There are a handful of autumn records and the species has occasionally bred.

Wood Warbler, South Wood, Corby, 9th May 2011 (Bob Bullock)

3 thoughts on “Wood Warbler

  1. Been looking for this bird twice, but not sure I walked far enough. Too many broken wing mirrors in the area!

  2. Hi,

    If you are walking from the direction of Stanion then keep walking until you find a yellow waterproof jacket on the right-hand side of the track. If you get to a wide heavily worn steep bank on the left then you have gone about 100yds too far.
    I find it easier to walk from the St James Ind est across the field towards the large factories, there is a public footpath sign in St Lukes Road pointing the way. Walk across the rough grass field, watching for Wheatears, across the railtrack and towards the metal foot bridge at the top of the hill, don’t cross the bridge but walk down the steep bank to the left and along the left side of the long pond. When you get to the end, walk down the steep bank I mentioned earlier and turn right at the bottom. Walk about 100 yards and the warbler was showing on the right.
    Best of luck.


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