Latest Reports: email and text alerts

Some important news concerning the receipt of email and text alerts from Northantsbirds has emerged today. For those using as a conduit for receiving news from Twitter by email or SMS this organisation has announced that, from 27th September 2012, it will no longer offer this service as a result of Twitter policy changes that will affect how applications can interact with Twitter’s data. As a result of these changes, will be removing all Twitter ‘triggers’, disabling the ability to receive tweets by email and SMS. In short, anyone who has elected to use this service, by creating ‘recipes’ using the #Northantsbirds hashtag, will no longer be able to receive latest reports from Northantsbirds by this method.

This does not affect anyone who is receiving text alerts direct from Twitter (i.e. not via So, from 27th September, the only method of receiving immediate Northantsbirds news will be by SMS text alert, directly from Twitter, to a mobile phone – and this can’t be a bad thing! To receive these alerts simply follow @bonxie on Twitter, register your mobile phone details on your Twitter account and then select ‘turn on mobile communications’ from the dropdown menu next to the ‘following’ button on the @bonxie profile page.

For those interested, a full explanation of’s changes to the way it will be operating with regard to Twitter can be found at 

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