What the … !!!??

Seen and photographed in Northamptonshire over the weekend! What is it? Have a go at identifying it. Answer (including photographer and location) on Wednesday! 

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8 Responses to What the … !!!??

  1. This feels like a question on QI Mike, I know what bird I want to say but fear the claxons will go off, and anyway if it is what I think it is, it wouldn’t be here, so to avoid all traps I’m going with juvenile rosefinch, wrong answer I know, but no traps sprung 🙂
    Ii does look like the feeding station at Summerleys were I got similar image!

  2. Paul Gosling says:

    Greenfinch in there somewhere, if not all of it?! Looking forward to hearing what, where and who!

  3. Bob Bullock says:

    Greenfinch which has been eating Blackberries

  4. Glad you said that Bob, I saw Greenfinch do the same thing at the feeding station at Sleys, and looked exactly like this.

  5. Spencer kimpton says:

    I think it’s a linnet x greenfinch

  6. Spencer kimpton says:

    When you enlarge the photo you can see it has been feeding on some sort of berry.

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