Birdingplaces: a new website for birding locations in the UK and Europe

An online interactive ‘Where to Watch Birds’ has just been launched, helping users to plan trips, discover new local birding sites and importantly, to add new localities to the map. Not one single site in Northamptonshire is currently featured, so it’s wide open for contributors to update.

The health crisis caused by the Coronavirus forces most of us to stay at home as much as possible but there is now the ability almost to bird online, exploring new areas and running through the localities featured on the new website The site is a virtual gateway to hundreds of birding areas across the UK and Europe and provides much of the information needed for some fine hours of birding.

You can also place your own favourite bird areas on the map simply by clicking on “Add a birdingplace” and following the instructions. It’s easy to do – especially with time on your hands when you have to stay at home in these times of lockdown and self-isolation.

European birding sites currently covered by  is made by, and for, birders and is non-commercial. It’s an easy-to-use platform that connects birders from all over Europe and when logged in, you can also leave tips and comments, check out the “Birdingplaces League” or use the “Find a Bird”-tool. It’s all free to use.

To celebrate the launch of there is now have a chance of winning a top model Leica binocular and telescope when you add birding spots to the website. See for more information.

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