Turning turtle?

The decline of the Turtle Dove as a summer visitor to Britain has been well documented and it is believed to be at real risk of disappearing as a breeding species here within the decade. This is mirrored in Northamptonshire, where it has been recorded at only eight sites this year compared with thirty-six just ten years ago. Many of the records refer only to migrants and falling squarely into this category is this one at Stortons Gravel Pits yesterday morning.

Adult Turtle Dove, Stortons GP, 20th August 2012 (Douglas McFarlane)

Doug McFarlane managed to capture a few images before it was flushed by a dog-walker and not subsequently relocated. This individual is a smart adult. Let’s hope they don’t ‘turn turtle’ and disappear as a breeding bird altogether. For the latest news see www.operationturtledove.org 

3 thoughts on “Turning turtle?

  1. It’s such a shame because to me their call is just as umistakable as the Cuckoo, it would be a real pity to loose both the Cuckoo and Turtle Dove, can’t tell you how excited I was to see one.

    1. Yes, I too was pleased to be able to watch one at length at Polebrook earlier in the year. They really are very attractive birds and the song, as you say, is up there alongside Cuckoo as being evocative of an early summer’s day.

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