Glossy Ibis at Summer Leys

The First in Spring

The words ‘Glossy Ibis’ and ‘Northamptonshire’, when occurring together in the same sentence, are now predictably accompanied by adjectives such as ‘short-staying’, ‘fleeting’, or ‘transient’ to describe this species’ visits to the county. The first one to occur in spring followed the now well established occurrence pattern seemingly mandatory for Glossy Ibises in Northants. This individual managed little more than two hours at Summer Leys today, having been discovered at 11.30, before flying off west at 13.35. Images below from Alan Coles.


This is only the fifth county record, following singles at Ravensthorpe Reservoir on 20th September 2002, Pitsford Reservoir on 17th September 2010, Stanwick GP on 12th October 2013 and Daventry CP on 28th September 2016.

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