Wrecked: Manx Shearwater in Duston

Another victim of Aileen

Found exhausted in Duston yesterday, a Manx Shearwater was picked up and taken to the local vets. Not knowing the best course of action to take, they contacted Jim Murray who, in turn contacted Dave James for further advice. An initial plan to release it in Northants was quickly deemed inappropriate and subsequently ditched.

Manx Shearwater, in care, Northamptonshire 15th September 2017 (Jim Murray)

Fortunately, it survived overnight and JM today set out to take it took it to the Pembrokeshire coast, where the plan was to meet up with the Pembrokeshire Sea Bird Rescue Society to pass it over to them for further care prior to a hopefully successful release. On the way over, PSBRS recommended taking it to a specialist wild bird hospital near Swansea, which then became the revised destination.

After its admission to the hospital the prognosis appears good, with the hospital confident of the bird’s continued survival with a release planned after a few days. Apparently, Northants is the furthest point away the hospital has ever received a seabird from. Further good news is eagerly awaited.

This individual was not alone in its finding itself inland, presumably as a result of Storm Aileen’s big westerly blow on 12th-13th September. Other Manx Shearwaters were found in inland counties, e.g. Cambridgeshire, London area and up to wrecked birds 300 are being treated and released in Somerset http://bbc.in/2y5HeN5

Many thanks to Dave James and Jim Murray for providing details.

2 thoughts on “Wrecked: Manx Shearwater in Duston

  1. I found one in my garden in Redditch, Worcestershire on Saturday night, it is being looked after at a specialist wildlife sanctuary in Worcester and I look forward to hearing about its release in Pembrookshire in the next day or two! Wonderful birds, it’s been an amazing experience meeting one!

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